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Academic Curriculum Vitae Sample

Wayne M. Sarft
21 Van Duyne Avenue
Riverdale, NJ 07457
telephone: 1-973-839-1731
e-mail: Custerfile@optonline.net



The Graduate Center, City University of New York, NY
Ph.D. in military history; minor in American history (2001)
Dissertation: "A Winter Campaign: General Philip H. Sheridan's Operations on the Southern Plains, 1868-69"
Advisor: Dr. David Syrett

Drew University, Madison, NJ
B.A. in History, English minor (1980)

College of St. Elizabeth, Madison, NJ
Education 251: Psychology of Learning -- Adolescent; Education 252: Human Intercultural Problems in Education (1977-1978)


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Hunter College, New York, NY
U.S. History to 1877; U.S. History from 1865; The Civil War (2001 to date)

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY
U.S. History from 1865 (2004-2005)
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY
World Civilization I: prehistory - A.D. 1500; World Civilization: from A.D. 1500 (1998-2004)

Saint Peter's College, Jersey City, NJ
The Civil War; World Perspectives in History II (2003-2004, 2006)

New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
Civilizations I (2003)

Baruch College, New York, NY
Senior Coordinator, Peer Tutoring Program, History Department (1996-1997)
Themes in American History: The Frontier (2000)

Touro College, New York, NY (Men's and Women's Divisions)
U.S. History from 1865 (2001)

Modern History I: Renaissance to 1815; Modern History II: 1815 to present (1994-1995)

New York City Technical College, Brooklyn, NY

U.S. History to 1877; U.S. History from 1865; State and Local Government (1995-1996)


Board of Directors, New York Military Affairs Symposium (NYMAS)
American Historical Association
Western History Association



Attack at Dawn: Phil Sheridan's Winter Campaign, 1868-1869. In preparation for University of Oklahoma Press.

The Little Bighorn Campaign, March-September, 1876. Revised paperback edition. Conshohocken: Combined Publishing, 2000.

The Civil War Book of Lists (contributing editor). Conshohocken: Combined Books, 1993.

The Little Bighorn Campaign, March-September 1876. Conshohocken: Combined Books, 1993. (Published simultaneously as a Main Selection by the Military Book Club)

God Bless You, Buffalo Bill: A Layman's Guide to History and the Western Film.
New Brunswick: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press and Cornwall Books, 1983.

Introductions, Published Addresses, and Articles

Introduction to My Life on the Plains by George A. Custer (New York: Barnes & Noble, 2006)

Introduction to Tenting on the Plains by Elizabeth B. Custer (New York: Barnes & Noble, 2006)

"Hand to Hand." Kansas Journal of Military History, Summer 2005

"Toward A Last Stand: Some Reflections on History and Myth," in 15th Annual Symposium,Custer

Battlefield Historical & Museum Association, Inc. Hardin, MT: n.p., 2002.

"Oscar Eaten By Wolves." Film Comment, November-December 1991.

"Russell Means on Custer Hill." The American Spectator, December 1988

"Custer and His Times: A Capsule History," and drawings in Custer and His Times, Book Three, ed. by Gregory J.W. Urwin. Conway: University of Central Arkansas Press, 1987.


"Los Diablos Tejanos." Review of Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers, by Robert M. Utley. Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, November 2002.

Review of Ben Nighthorse Campbell: An American Warrior, by Herman J. Viola. The American Spectator, April 1994.

Review of The Oregon Trail/The Conspiracy of Pontiac by Francis Parkman. The American Spectator, December 1992.

"Son of the Morning After." Review of Cavalier in Buckskin: George Armstrong Custer and the Western Military Frontier, by Robert M. Utley. The American Scholar, Autumn 1990.

Review of High Noon in Lincoln: Violence on the Western Frontier, by Robert M. Utley. The American Spectator, March 1989.

"Wings of the Navy." Review of Flight of the Intruder, by Stephen Coonts. Chronicles of Culture, November 1988.

Review of Paper Medicine Man: John Gregory Bourke and His American West, by Joseph C. Porter. The American Spectator, April 1988.

"Sterile Prairie." Review of The Fatal Environment: The Myth of the Frontier in the Age of Industrialization 1800-1900, by Richard Slotkin. Chronicles of Culture, February 1988.

Review of The Custer Mystery, by Charles G. Du Bois. National Review, 13 March 1987.

"Thoroughly Modern Phil." Review of Phil Sheridan and His Army, by Paul Andrew Hutton. The American Scholar, Autumn 1986.

Review of The Korean War: Pusan to Chosin: An Oral History, by Donald Knox. The American Spectator, July 1986.